Effective February 1, 2013, the Practitioner Hospital Data Bank (PHDB) has partnered with NAMSS to create a new, more robust database of Hospital Affiliation information. The new database is called the NAMSS PASS (Practitioner Affiliation Sharing Source).

Over the next 12 months, PHDB Participating Hospitals will be transitioning their affiliation data to the NAMSS PASS so their PHDB data and letters will no longer be accessible by PHDB users. If you want to continue to query hospitals on the PHDB, we encourage you to create a NAMSS PASS user record as soon as possible so you can query both the NAMSS PASS and PHDB data from single login. Click on this link to create a NAMSS PASS user as well as downloading more information about NAMSS PASS:

Get Started on NAMSS PASS

Note: NAMSS membership is not required to access NAMSS PASS but members receive significant discounts on service fees.

For Participating Hospitals

As a PHDB Participating Hospital, you will be receiving an enhanced service at the same PHDB subscription fee guaranteed until to the end of 2014. We encourage you to move your data to the NAMSS PASS database as soon as possible. PHDB query users will only be able to see PHDB hospitals but not NAMSS PASS hospitals. NAMSS PASS users will be able to see both NAMSS PASS and PHDB hospitals’ data. You can get started by creating your NAMSS PASS user by clicking the link below.

Get Started on NAMSS PASS

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PHDB migrating to the NAMSS PASS database?

We have long envisioned that NAMSS would be the ideal organization to stand behind our primary goal: to help you improve patient safety through technology-based credentialing tools. NAMSS extended our vision of a centralized data bank of practitioner affiliation information by emphasizing the critical aspect of gap analysis. Gap analysis raises red flags for those practitioners that omit or fabricate information regarding historical hospital affiliation information by showing all affiliation history with dates so you can compare them to your practitioner application form. While the current PHDB stores practitioners in good standing for the purpose of generating good standing letters, the new NAMSS PASS database will contain all practitioners at all hospitals. There is no indication or inferences of a practitioner’s competency, just a factual listing of dates and facilities, as self-reported by the facilities. This allows medical staff professionals like you to research complete affiliation history on practitioners and compare it to their application. Of course, the letter printing feature is still an integral feature for those practitioners qualified for a confirmation good standing letter, just like the current PHDB system.

What is the cost to move my data and service from the PHDB to NAMSS PASS?

There is never any cost to contribute data to the NAMSS PASS. We requested and NAMSS agreed to honor all current PHDB Participating Hospital subscription fees until the end of 2014, regardless of whether or not you are a NAMSS member. NAMSS PASS offers significant discounts to their members. Whatever you are paying for the PHDB subscription service will cover the NAMSS PASS service until the end of 2014. You will actually have access to a greater number of hospitals’ affiliation data at the same cost you are paying today. For PHDB querying users, NAMSS PASS has a separate fee structure comparable to PHDB structure.

Is there a deadline to move our PHDB data to NAMSS PASS?

The target deadline is December 31, 2014 but we encourage everyone to do it as soon as possible to simplify your data management and help your fellow MSPs improve their credentialing processes.

Can a PHDB user access NAMSS PASS hospitals’ practitioners and print their good standing letters?

No. A PHDB user can only access PHDB hospitals’ practitioners. However, a NAMSS PASS user can access both NAMSS PASS hospitals’ practitioners as well as PHDB hospitals’ practitioners. That means to get access to a larger database of affiliation information so you should create a NAMSS PASS user and use NAMSS PASS system for all your queries. There’s no extra cost to create a NAMSS PASS user account and use NAMSS PASS.

What is the difference between the PHDB data file and NAMSS PASS data file?

The files are very similar with only the following differences:

  1. PHDB file contains only “good standing” practitioners. NAMSS PASS contains all practitioners, regardless of status.
  2. The NAMSS PASS data file contains the NPI of the practitioner.
  3. Each practitioner record will contain assigned letter template (good standing letter 0, 1, or 2 as defined by NAMSS PASS). Letter 0 means this practitioner does not automatically get a good standing letter. Please visit the NAMSS.org website view the letter templates.
All practitioners and their dates of affiliation will appear in the NAMSS PASS database for the purpose of Gap Analysis but a practitioner with an assigned Letter 0 will just show “Letter Not Available, please contact facility directly for information”. This is not an inference to competency, just that this facility has not qualified this practitioner for any number of reasons.

Once I move my data from PHDB to NAMSS PASS, how will PHDB query users know to use NAMSS PASS to print my good standing letters?

Once your data is live on NAMSS PASS, your PHDB data will be archived with a special status and the user will be notified by the system to use NAMSS PASS for queries and letters.

What are the NAMSS PASS fees?

Please visit the NAMSS.org website and click on the NAMSS PASS link for additional information and fee schedule. There are significant discounts for Contributing Entities and NAMSS members. However, PHDB Participating Hospitals will continue to receive the PHDB pricing until the end of 2014.

Who do we call to get more information or for help on the transition to NAMSS PASS if we have any questions?

For general questions or details on fees, please visit the NAMSS website at www.NAMSS.org. If you have technical or operation questions, you can contact us via email at support@namsspass.com or call us at (800) 995-4233.

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